Harrison County School District celebrates National Red Ribbon Week

Students throughout Harrison County School District are celebrating Red Ribbon Week which is one of the largest drug-abuse prevention campaigns in the country, targeting K-12 students.

Each year from October 23rd to October 31st, students and teachers wear red to shed light on drug prevention.

Schools throughout the district are recognizing National Red Ribbon Week through themed days and discussing how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The idea of Red Ribbon Week offers an opportunity to talk to students about the dangers of drugs in a fun and educational way.

Today, students at Woolmarket Elementary dressed in red to kick off their Red Ribbon Week. Woolmarket Elementary School Principal Kevin Roberts said, “The anti-drug message has been around for a long time and you just have to turn on the news and you see all the bad things that are out there drug wise. Fentanyl is a big name that everybody hears about. There are so many other things. The main deal is you just don’t know and it’s a lot of things where it hits school’s today, especially in terms of like vapes, things like that. It’s just everywhere. It seems like every discipline issue has a vape attached to it at some of the schools. We just really want to educate them.”

Tomorrow, students at Woolmarket Elementary School will dress up as the profession they aspire to have when they grow up.

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