Hancock Whitney and Gulfport High School team up to encourage financial literacy

This school year, Hancock Whitney is helping grow ‘girl power’ exponentially by bringing Wall Street to the classroom.

Hancock Whitney has partnered with Gulfport High School to encourage young girls to pursue a financial career with their Rock the Street Wall Street Financial and Investment Literacy Program. Gulfport High Director of Career Pathways Specialist Sandy East said, “We are hoping that by getting those young ladies into this after school program, teaching them about banking, finance, business and investments, that they might take some additional courses because they still have time to do that and look at a possible career in those career pathways.”

The program between Hancock Whitney and Gulfport High School marks the first Rock the Street Wall Street business education program in the state of Mississippi. Hancock Whitney Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tamara Wyre said, “We have had a really great standing with Gulfport. We really know that they are focused on the career side of making sure that their students are ready to enter into the work force.”

“When they were approached to do this, they knew it was a good fit to start at Gulfport because we already have the processes and the teachers, the students, everything lined up that worked well with the program.”

Statistically women make up only 2.5 percent of hedge fund managers, eight percent of venture capital partners, and nine percent of mutual fund managers. Wyre tells News 25 this program will give girls an array of career options. “We are going to focus on several different parts of finance. We are going to talk about budgeting. We are going to talk about savings. We are going to talk about investing.”

The program will be broken up into a three-part financial literacy and investment program which entails a series of five one hour fall workshops. “We are going to bring them in to do a field trip within our headquarters. That’s really going to expose them to all the different career paths that they can take within the financial industry as well as a mentorship component.”

Gulfport High School is currently recruiting girls to join the program. The workshop will start on September 8th.

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