Hancock Middle School celebrates Earth Week

To celebrate Earth Week, students at Hancock Middle School got their hands a little dirty sprucing up their school garden.

Volunteers and students at Hancock Middle School stepped outside the classroom and helped rehab the raised garden beds in the school’s garden. Volunteer Mark Lasalle said, “They have these garden beds and what’s neat about them is they are using old block that was here in the back that was left over from the construction. So, they are actually practicing reusing material and reducing waste so this is not going on a landfill, it’s creating garden beds.”

The middle school garden allows students to take what they learn inside the classroom and get hands on experience outside. Student Jordan Ladner said, “It’s fun for me to see like what we do in class like out here so like mitoses, meiosis, photosynthesis, all of that.”

Each class has their own garden bed and gets the opportunity to grow things such as cabbage, sunflowers, and cucumbers. Student James Johnson said, “We get like little cups and water them. So, each kid can have their own plant. It’s really cool.”

Lasalle says the goal is to get students to understand the importance of taking care of the planet. “It’s all about reconnecting and getting this next generation to recognize that it is important to maintain and protect the environment.”

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