Half Shell Oyster beautification construction expected to finish in two weeks

Half Shell Oyster in Biloxi is almost done with an exterior beautification project.

Half Shell has occupied the 100-year-old building on Lameuse Street for 11 years. Hurricane damage prompted the need for improvements, work on the roof, gutters, paint, and brick resurfacing are underway.

New brick pavers will replace the concrete sidewalk to add curb appeal as guests wait to be seated for meals. Half Shell Oyster General Manager Chad Henson said, “We would like to have access to the front door within the next two to three weeks. As of right now, we are doing the temporary entrance on the north side, so bear with us just a little bit, but we’re making it happen and we’re getting it done.”

This downtown Biloxi location is not accepting to-go orders at this time due to the construction.

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