Gulfport schools preparing to head back to class

Schools in the Gulfport School District are preparing to head back to class earlier than usual due to their new flexible schedule.

The new schedule will take the traditional school schedule and restructure it. Students will still attend school for 180 days. They’ll still have four quarters that are 45 days each, but they will have breaks in between.

Last year was a hassle for many teachers, parents, and students adjusting to the pandemic.

This year, masks are not required, but Dr. Josh Bressler, principal at Anniston Elementary School, tells News 25 that they’ll still be taking precautions. “Teachers have been in early. They have been in for the most part all summer. The custodians have been working hard on the floors. We had kindergarten camp a few weeks early. We also have a supply drop off a few weeks early. We are still trying to distance where we can. We are still trying to sanitize and take all the same precautions.”

Anniston Elementary is hosting a supply drop off this evening from 4:30 p.m. until 6 p.m.

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