Gulfport receives $1.2 million for wastewater treatment plant

The City of Gulfport received $1.2 million for the North Gulfport wastewater treatment plant from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.

This money will be used to update the plant’s ultraviolet disinfection system, which helps kill micro-organisms in the water.

The current system is outdated, so this long-awaited update will help the plant run better and be easier for workers to navigate.

Construction has already begun and will be finished by September.

“This is step one of many phases for this project,” said Wayne Miller, the director of public works and engineering. “This will just allow us to go ahead and get — this is the disenfection phase — and just allow us to go ahead and get the disinfection through U.V. ready for future expansion and once we start doing the additional phases through the project.”


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