Gulfport Police Department gives five children Walmart shopping spree

Officers with the Gulfport Police Department headed out today to play Santa Claus for some kids in the community.

Partnering with a couple of community members, three officers went down to the Walmart on Highway 49 to give five children with Boys and Girls Club a ‘Shop with a Cop’ shopping spree.

Each child was given a gift card to spend any way they wanted.

The department hasn’t hosted this event in several years. However, the team brought the shopping spree back due to the joy it brings to not only the children, but the officers as well. Sgt. Jason Ducre said, “To see the long-lasting relationships – positive relationships – that this builds and to see the smiles it puts on these kids faces, it’s just amazing. It makes your day. This is what we got into it for, and it’s awesome to serve in such a beautiful community where we can make this stuff happen.”

The officers say they plan to bring back the shopping spree tradition as an annual event.

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