Gulfport Police appoints first female deputy chief

Commander Heather Dailey has spent nearly 24 years working with the Gulfport Police Department. In less than a month, she’s going to add a new title to her name and she’ll be the first female at GPD to do so.

Gulfport Police Department Commander Heather Dailey has wanted to work in law enforcement for as long as she can remember. Starting June 1st, Dailey will be the department’s new deputy chief, making her the first woman to hold the position at Gulfport PD. “Super excited. I think it’s good. I hope it allows other people, not just females, but other people who never saw themselves in different positions will realize well if she can do that then that is something I can do too and I hope it encourages them to go out and do things they never really thought about before.”

Dailey says being a female in a male dominated field has not affected her career much, but it has surprised others, especially during her time working undercover narcotics before joining Gulfport PD. “I would often go by my first and middle initial on my business card. That was mainly male dominated at that time so when I showed up they would be like oh you’re a girl and I was like yeah, I’m a female, but it always worked out like I said. ”

Gulfport Sgt. Jason Ducre says the department couldn’t be more proud of Dailey and the work she is going to do as deputy chief. “So, I’ve worked with Heather for about 2 and a half, almost 3 years now and I’m one of these officers who has these crazy outlandish ideas and anytime I bring her an idea she’s like figure out how to get it done and let’s make it happen. She’s very encouraging and I think it’s monumental that she is the first female deputy chief in the City of Gulfport. We’re excited.”

Commander Dailey says she is ready to get to work. “I hope I can make Gulfport a better place for everybody, for the people who work here, and for the citizens of Gulfport, too.”

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