Gulfport High students work with first responders through class

Gulfport High School has a unique class that allows their juniors and seniors to do more hands-on activities with first responders. Today, the class worked with the Gulfport Fire Department.

Jeremy Necaise’s class is not like any other class at Gulfport High School. His ‘law and public safety’ elective gives students an opportunity to work with first responders in our community. “It’s usually a six-week process and like I said we learn everything from search and rescue to first aid and CPR. In the fall, we do the same thing with Gulfport Police Department.”

The course allows students to see what type of work is done in the field, giving them a chance to see if its possible career for them in the future and if not, they are still learning life saving techniques. Senior Sally Acey said, “I took this class because I want to be a lawyer and our class has different aspects of law, fire, police, and all that type of stuff.”

Senior Lily Schloegel said, “Took this class because I think it’s interesting to see all the behind scene stuff.”

Not only do they have a blast, but this helps the students when it comes to learning better by having hands-on experience. Gulfport Fire District Chief Chad Asher said, “We’re teaching them hose advancements, the different types of streams you could use in fire. They are wearing their PPE. They are practicing safety. This is all part of what would be in a fire academy that they would learn if they choose to go in this field.”

When the elective class first started, only five students were interested. Now, the class has 18 students and many more waiting to get in the next semester. It is considered a popular class to take not only for what the students get to do, but having a teacher like Mr. Necaise really helps make the class even better. “Mr. Necaise is the funniest teacher. He always makes sure he personally knows you as a student.”

“He is very supportive and helpful. He is a good teacher.”

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