Gulfport debris removal will start Monday

This coming Monday, the City of Gulfport will start their city-wide debris removal.

The trucks will go street by street, picking up vegetative debris, construction debris, household appliances, and electronics.

Debris must be placed by property owners in the city right-of-way. Contractors cannot remove debris from private property.

Debris should be placed over five feet away from powerlines, fire hydrants, water meters, manholes, drainage boxes, and any other utility structures. Leaves must be bagged. City of Gulfport Public Works Director Wayne Miller said, “We ask that you get all of your debris out Sunday, no later than Sunday, so when they start, they can do a clean sweep as fast as they can. They are looking at bringing in five trucks and we are estimating maybe three to four weeks before we are complete. When it comes to debris, they are going to pick up anything. If it is in the right-a-way along the street we will pick it up. We have had some questions about alleys, we will pick up alleys, but we prefer for the debris to be on the street in the right-a-way.”

Household garbage will be picked up by Waste Pro during their regular schedule.

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