Gulfport Chamber of Commerce hosts annual Taste, Rattle, and Roll

The Gulfport Chamber of Commerce is back again for its popular Taste, Rattle, and Roll tasting event.

Thirty vendors from restaurants across the Coast set up at the Centennial Plaza in Gulfport this evening to hand out food and beverage samples to hundreds of hungry guests.

The event cost $50 to get in. However, that gives access to as many samples as your stomach can possibly handle.

This is the chamber’s tenth year hosting the event and the team says they enjoy introducing residents to all the good eats that the Coast has to offer. Gulfport Chamber Board Member Ryan Goldin said, “This is the Gulfport Chamber’s signature event of the year. So, we look forward to this every year, not only to give back to the local businesses and also the communities so that way they can see and taste what a restaurant that they maybe never had or maybe even knew it existed.”

The event also hosts a seafood cook-off where chefs from five different restaurants compete to see who will be crowned seafood king or queen.

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