Gulfport Business owners upset with parking situation speak at City Council meeting

Business owners in Downtown Gulfport are making sure their voices are heard.

After the Gulfport City Council went through their agenda, the floor was open for speakers who attended the meeting.

The speakers get a total of three minutes to voice their concerns and describe actions they wish would take place.

In hopes of getting their attention, two business owners expressed their concerns over the parking tickets near their property.

Hannah O’Keefe is the owner of the 13th Street Salon and Barber and she explains how difficult the parking circumstances are for her clients. “We’re hoping to see a change today at the city council meeting, for the safety of our clients to not have to walk far, around all the people that are in the downtown area, safety for ourselves for getting out to our cars, and that it would be a convenience for people to be able to park in front of the business that they actually want to do business with.’

These business owners and many more are waiting to see what happens next.

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