Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence granted $20,000 from the Mary Kay Ash Foundation

The Mary Kay Ash Foundation based out of Texas granted the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence $20,000 this afternoon.

These funds come from a pool of more than $1 million which will be shared nationwide to organizations providing cancer research or non-violence centers.

One organization was chosen per state and the Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence was ecstatic to hear that they were chosen as the state’s pick.

The Center’s CEO Stacey Riley says she already has an idea on what these funds will be used for. “This was exciting for us because it’s money that we can use to help fill in the gaps for what our grants don’t pay for, to help us with financial barriers that the individuals we serve deal with and other areas that we don’t typically have the funding for.”

If you would like to donate to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation, visit

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