Guests learn how to control invasive species at Mississippi Aquarium

The Mississippi Aquarium marked invasive species week by educating the public on many of the invasive species we see in our South Mississippi habitats.

Over the past week, visitors received education on conservation efforts and how to spot creatures that are not native to Mississippi and the Gulf Coast.

The Mississippi Aquarium partnered with the Department of Marine Resources invasive species unit, the Pascagoula River Audubon Center, and Lionfish University to teach guests the difference between invasive and native plants living in our state.

Assistant Manager of Visitor Programs and Interpretation Carley Zapfe shares some ways we can stop the spread of invasive species. “If you can’t beat them, eat them. So, eating them and creating demands for the food, particularly for like lionfish, is one of the best ways to help manage these species. We may not be able to totally eradicate them, but we can definitely get them under control.”

You can learn more about invasive species through the Mississippi Aquarium’s social media platforms and their website.

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