Governor Tate Reeves holds COVID-19 press conference

Governor Tate Reeves held a press conference today in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reeves addressed how hospital requests are being fulfilled.

Over 1,000 healthcare workers including military personnel, nurses, respiratory therapists, and medical doctors are being deployed to over 50 hospitals to help combat the virus as well.

Dr. Paul Byers with the Mississippi State Department of Health announced that the 111 deaths reported from the pandemic today is the highest daily number reported to date.

The previous high was January 12th with a total of 98 COVID deaths. Eighty-seven percent of the deaths are occurring in those not vaccinated, but according to MSDH there has been a slight flattening in hospitalizations.

Governor Reeves said, “We need to know that where we were a month and a half ago with very few daily deaths, we’re going to see an uptick over the next couple of weeks and maybe longer, but eventually, if in fact as Dr. Byers mentioned, we are plateauing and eventually rolling over the total number of cases, eventually the hospitalizations and fatalities will follow that as well.”

Forty-one deaths occurred between August 19th and August 23rd. Of those deaths, one was in Hancock, eight in Harrison, one in Pearl River, and one in Stone County.

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