Governor Reeves talks to Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

Earlier today, Governor Tate Reeves went live on his Facebook page to answer questions regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Reeves addressed Mississippians along with state emergency management officials about conditions within the state today.

The governor talked about continued impacts in the northern parts of the state as Ida made its way through and urges all Mississippians to remain vigilant during this time. “To answer the first question the biggest risk as we go into the evening, obviously anytime it becomes dark and there is uncertainty, that gives you reason for pause. The biggest risk as I see them and I’ll let anyone up here comment on this as well, the biggest risk as I see them, the eye of the storm is north, northwest of Jackson, about 25 miles probably by this time.  It is still packing a lot of rainfall and so rising water on roads as well as the potential for trees falling across roads as well as trees falling across power lines is still a risk that needs to be considered. So, if you are north of Jackson, the best course of action is to try to stay home tonight if at all possible.”

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