Governor Reeves holds press conference on COVID-19 response

On the heels of the record-breaking number of COVID-19 cases reported, Governor Tate Reeves and other state leaders held a COVID-19 press briefing today.

Alongside State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs and MEMA Executive Director Stephen McCraney, the governor said that he has no intention of implementing a mask mandate as of now, but encourages unvaccinated Mississippians to wear masks in public places at this time.

The governor says it is his belief that people be able to make their own decisions regarding their vaccination status. “The risks associated with being vaccinated is far less than the risks associated with being unvaccinated, but there are potential side effects, there are individuals in America, and we need to be honest with people. You see, we don’t need to stand up here and preach at people about, by golly, what you ought to do or not do. We ought to be honest about the pluses and minuses, and the people of Mississippi can make a good, and the right decision.”

Dr. Dobbs also said during the press conference that limiting indoor gatherings is still preferable at this time as cases surge.

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