Governor Reeves holds COVID-19 press conference

Governor Tate Reeves held a COVID-19 press conference today to update the public on the state’s response.

Reeves addressed learning in schools amid the most recent outbreak, saying it is vital that in-person learning stays.

He says schools can rearrange sizes of classes, utilize masks, offer vaccines, and other methods to keep schools open, though pep rallies and other school events should be held outside to minimize the risk of a super spreader event.

The governor also recommends social distancing and masking despite not enacting mandates regarding mask wearing. “More and more Mississippians are concluding that getting vaccinated is a good choice. A good choice not only for themselves, but for the people around them. If you are not vaccinated yet, I hope you will talk to your doctor. I hope you will study the statistics and I hope you’ll make your decisions based upon the facts.”

Reeves was joined at the press conference by MEMA Executive Director Stephen McCraney and state health officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs.

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