Governor Reeves announces mobile enforcement results

Governor Tate Reeves came down to Gulfport to announce the results of the mobile enforcement team deployment that took place on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

Since the mobile enforcement team arrived along the Coast, it netted 170 arrests and resulted in 152 felony charges and 111 misdemeanor charges.

Of those arrests were two human traffickers. One trafficker was a United States citizen while the other was an illegal alien.

Additionally, several narcotics and items were seized during the deployment including 5,574 dosage units of fentanyl, 3.5 ounces of heroine, 16 grams of cocaine powder and crack cocaine, and more.

Governor Reeves said, “What we have found was that when we all work together and we all pull in the same direction, we have much better opportunities to not only identify the bad guys but also arrest them and put together the proof that is needed to get them prosecuted and to actually put them away.”

After this afternoon’s press conference at Troop K, Governor Reeves stopped by the WXXV studio to sit down with Meggan Gray to discuss several things including the public fraud scheme involving Brett Favre and the upcoming midterms.

You can watch that interview tomorrow morning on News 25.

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