Ghosts spotted at the Coast Coliseum

Halloween may be over, but paranormal activity can occur at any place and at any time.

Are there ghosts lurking in the Coast coliseum?

Some staff seems to think so.

Bryan Butler, the IT director for the arena, had security video to back up his claims that the Coliseum is haunted.

“I’ve seen shadows throughout the property on the security cameras,” said Butler. “There was a ball of light some people call them orbs that came from the ceiling it moved around the table like it was moving from chair to chair and then it came over and floated around and stopped right in front of me and then it shot into my body.”

Butler isn’t the only one.

Overnight security staff describes experiencing apparitions, shadows, and hearing disembodied voices in the arena, convention center, and out on the grounds.

After watching an episode of Ghost Hunters in the summer of 2021, Butler contacted the nationally recognized TV show for proof of the paranormal.

“I sent an email, sent some videos of different things that we have captured on the security system,” Butler said.

The Ghost Hunters team replied and started their investigation.

“They put cameras out everywhere, they had various devices that would measure electromagnetic fields.”

“Ghost Hunters is very scientific and they weren’t here to make believe they were here to prove it right or wrong,” Michelle Minningmann, the assistant executive director at the Coliseum, said.

The Coliseum was built in 1977, but what was on the land prior to the beach front facility?

“The history of the land prior to the Coliseum in the 1970s and that it was an orphanage and before that it was part of the Jeff Davis home, that’s just across the street.”

Although Minningmann had not experienced the supernatural energy personally, it was important to figure out the intention.

“If there is paranormal activity in this building then it’s not demonic, it’s not negative energy, if anything we co-exist,” Minningmann said.

If you want to watch the episode, check out the Travel Channel on Saturday, November 12 at 6 PM or on Discovery Plus Streaming.

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