Gautier police sergeant beats the odds in cancer battle

Gautier police officers, among many others, gathered inside of the Cancer Treatment Center in Ocean Springs, eager to watch one of their own ring the bell, which signifies victory against cancer.

Gautier Police Sgt. Benjamin McQuagge rang the bell three times, celebrating the completion of his almost three-year-long battle with stage four colon cancer.

“I’ve been through multiple rounds of radiation, multiple rounds of chemo, seven or eight major surgeries,” McQuagge said. “It was a struggle for the last couple of years, but I had a great support system.”

In May of 2020, McQuagge was diagnosed with the cancer, and it had metastasized throughout his body.

“It was pretty far advanced,” McQuagge said. “They told me I had about a year and a half to live and there was not much that could be done and a couple years later here we are cancer free.”

Sgt. McQuagge defied, the odds, and celebrated his victory surrounded by people he considers family. The help they provided was instrumental in his recovery.

“I didn’t want to accept help at first. I was like ‘Nah, I got this on my own’ but once I overcame my pride a little bit and started accepting help then it made the process a little easier,” McQuagge said.

“Being here today and having all these awesome people here to support me, the feeling is unreal. I was actually running late today, so when i got here and the whole place was filled up i was like oh my God. This is amazing.”

Sgt. McQuagge said one of his favorite parts about being an officer is helping others in times of need, just like his family did for him. So, eager to be back, he’ll resume work with the Gautier Police Department on Monday.

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