Gautier Middle School takes heavy storm damage

This past weekend’s storms affected several locations across the Coast including Gautier Middle School.

On Saturday, a storm raged near the school where straight line winds made its way through the middle section of the building.

These gusts caused severe damage, both inside and outside, including broken awnings, ripped off ceiling tiles and doors, debris, and more.

The school was able to clear enough of the debris to hold school today while the cleaning crew continued to repair damages.

The school is expecting repairs to be complete by the middle of this week. Gautier Middle School Principal Christy Reimsnyder said, “You worry about the stress on the faculty and on our students, and I think one lesson that we did learn today – how resilient the people that work at the school are and that how we were able to come together and make it a good day for our kids to come back.”

No one was injured from this damage.

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