Future Fair hosted at Gulfport High School

Ninth and 10th grade students packed the gym at Gulfport High School for a future fair.

The future fair was dedicated to introducing students to career pathways — informing students about different careers and what type of education is required for that specific career.

More than 55 businesses, industry, and high education representatives were at the event.

“It helps them realize which way they want to go in the future and what classes they need to take in order to get there and how to accomplish their goals and there dreams,” said Shanna Baston, an English teacher.

“This kind of opportunity really helps kids open there eyes because I know there is a lot of kids who don’t know what they want,”said Jackson Hensaw, an 11th grader.  “Sometimes they are really pressured into what they want to do — maybe from the outside like their parents or something like that but it kind of just open their eyes to what they really can do”

Another job fair for juniors and seniors is also happening.

Students were able to receive information, complete applications, and interview for an internship or paid position the businesses or organizations had available.

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