Funeral service for Bay St. Louis lineman Cayce Seal

After the heartbreaking loss of the young lineman Cayce Seal, a funeral service was held today at St. Clare Catholic Church on South Beach Boulevard in Waveland.

It was hard not to notice all of the outpouring community and family support for Cayce Seal Thursday and the impact he had on others as hundreds gathered at St. Clare Catholic Church to say their last goodbye.

The lines were endless as family, friends, and co-workers came to honor the legacy and show their respects for the man who touched everyone around him.

Not only were you able to see the amount of people he touched, but you could also hear the impact he had on others as one neighbor explains what Seal meant to him. Neighbor Bruce Sellier said, “I definitely know everybody loved him. He was a great man and everybody’s really going to miss him for sure.”

As if keeping the lights on wasn’t enough, 28-year-old Seal was more than a lineman, he was a father, friend, and even a hero as he is also giving the gift of life for others.

His family announced his organs will be donated to a woman suffering from liver disease. “He is a hero. He’s saving other lives now, but it sucks that we lost him. I guess the Good Lord takes you when he’s ready.”

“He’s got a little boy and fiancée. They’re really going to miss him and his mom and dad and his brother and his niece and nephews. I just hate it for them. Prayers go out to him and his family.”

Cayce will be buried at the Lakeshore Cemetery. Though gone, the family has started a mantra to ‘live like Cayce.’

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