Free Flowin’ River Festival draws a crowd to Pascagoula

Pascagoula Main Street’s Free Flowin’ River Festival at Beach Park brought together quite a crowd Saturday.

Funky vibrations from headliner Flow Tribe filled the air that evening, ahead of a fireworks show and other entertainment.

The festival celebrates the Pascagoula River, which is the largest free-flowing river left in the United States.

That means the flow of the river hasn’t been impacted by man-made changes. Pascagoula Community Relations Director Katarina Scott said, “This is a really great event because we’re starting to see people come from out of town into the area. I’ve seen a lot of folks tell us they’re from Mobile coming in. So, this is a great way to get people from out of town into Pascagoula to see what we have to offer.”

Dane Duggan, aka Dane the Balloon Man, said, “I love the Coast. I mean the Coast is known for festivals, so people love to get out, they love the beach, they love to get out and support small businesses, which to me is the backbone of our country.”

The festival started with a group of friends who had the idea about eight years ago.

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