Free expungement clinic in Harrison and Jackson counties

Restoration Day is here on the Coast and those with criminal records could soon be starting with a clean slate.

The Mississippi Center for Justice is hosting expungement clinics in Harrison County and Jackson County. The clinics were held today and continue Saturday in partnership with the NAACP of Gulfport and the Magnolia Bar Association.

Those with misdemeanors and felonies will be meeting with attorneys to help them restore their rights.

Monica McNeely, president of the Magnolia Bar Association, says expunging records is beneficial to the people and the community. “We’re hoping that it will give individuals a fresh start because what people don’t realize sometimes is that having a criminal record can affect not only their employment but things such as housing sometimes, being a recipient of government benefits and so we hope that we are able to provide people with a fresh start.”

Clinics were held at the Isiah Fredericks Community Center and Win Job Center.

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