Former Gulfport Admirals Blake Johnson and Gabe Lacy teammates for the third time at USM

Almost three years since COVID-19 pandemic took sports away from us, what we’re all learning is everyone has their COVID moment, where you were when the sky fell, what were you doing?

For Gulfport alums Blake Johnson and Gabe Lacy their moment is more surreal than most.

The 2018 graduates finding their way back to the same diamond in 2020 as teammates at Jones College, who played its final game of the 2020 season on March 11th.

The Bobcats completed their double-header sweep of Baton Rouge by way of a 4-3 walk-off victory courtesy of Johnson’s game-winning hit and Lacy’s game-winning run.

As fate would have it, one last ride for the Gulfport guys as seniors at Southern Miss. Johnson said, “It was funny, me and Carson Paetow were talking about the pride you have with your hometown. Like you go home and people know who you are, especially, we’re an hour away, so a lot of people down there are Southern Miss fans and a lot of them went here, so taking pride in your hometown, it’s just something bigger to play for than yourself.”

Lacy said, “It’ll be something that we never thought would happen again and it’s truly a blessing and we can’t wait. My role hopefully I can be next to Blake because me and him, we have that competition that brings the best out of us, and at Gulfport we batted right next to each other in the lineup, and here, that’d be freaking awesome because I know the damage that he can produce.”

This is Johnson’s third year with USM and Lacy’s first. They both hit over .400 as seniors at Gulfport.

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