Flying High and Cruising Low at Trent Lott International Airport

What’s better than viewing classic cars? Teaming them up with aircrafts!

Flying High and Cruising Low is a new addition to the Cruisin’ calendar, combining the love of vehicles and aviation.

The new event is a partnership between Trent Lott International Airport, Southern Sky Aviation, and the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.

Participants were able to view the classic cars in front of the building, vintage aircrafts as they walked through the building, and new training aircrafts were out back. VP of FBO Operation at Southern Sky Aviation Tim Thomas said, “It’s our inaugural event. We wanted to do something different and unique for Cruisin’ the Coast. Several of the airports in the area, they offer the same kind of thing. But we’re doing big things at Trent Lott Airport with Southern Sky Aviation and Jackson County Airport Board. So, we all got together with the chamber and decided to create this event to go along in conjunction with Moss Point’s event and really put an emphasis on our great city and the growth that we’re getting here.”

Food trucks, vendors, and live music also helped make this event a huge success.

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