Flooding sweeps the Gulf Coast during weekly storms

With rain hitting hard across the Coast for more than a week, flooding has been an issue.

As rain continues to fall, the drainage system is not always able to keep up and backs up, which leads to an overflow on the roads.

Crashes are more prominent because of the hazardous road conditions.

News 25 spoke with Gulfport Police Department’s PIO Sgt. Jason Ducre who says it is common to see an increase in crash rates across the Coast during these downpours.

Sgt. Ducre offered some safety tips to keep in mind while driving during these hazardous conditions. “Anytime it’s raining, you definitely want to take extra precaution. You know, whether it’s having a plan, leaving early. You want to maintain a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you, make sure your windshield wipers are in sound order. You want to use your headlights and just be patient.”

Mississippi Highway Patrol reports that they have investigated at least 11 traffic crashes today, most of which have been weather related.

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