Five dead, including suspect, as standoff ends in Gulfport

After killing three people at the Broadway Inn Express and carjacking and killing another victim in Gulfport, 32-year-old Jeremy Reynolds barricaded himself in Canal Grocery where he ultimately died.

The three victims at the Broadway Inn Express on Walmart Lane in Biloxi were identified as Mohammad Moeini, 51, Broadway Inn owner; Laura Lehman, 61, employee and resident; and Chad Green, 55, employee and resident. Reynolds also took a Mercedes belonging to one of the victims when he fled the scene in Biloxi.

At around 9:27 in the morning, the Gulfport Police Department responded to the area of Magnolia Avenue and Rio Grande Street where 32-year-old Jeremy Reynolds carjacked, shot, and killed 52-year-old William Waltman, a public works contractor with the City of Gulfport.

After killing Waltman, his fourth victim, Reynolds stole the City of Gulfport car and led police on a high-speed chase. Witness Percy Robinson said, “I am near the road and all I see is this car just zooming by. He could have hit me with how close he was and I was like, man, it shook me like man, this is really a high speed really going on.”

After police tracked down the stolen vehicle, they tried to apprehend Reynolds, but he ran into Canal Grocery, a nearby convenience store. Two employees escaped the store. That’s when Reynolds barricaded himself inside.

Robinson was on Facebook Live, filming the entire incident and says it was shocking to see. “I stop by here and speak, but I come here on a regular and for this to happen like this, it’s kind of crazy.”

Police tried to contact Reynolds in the store, but there was no response. They deployed tear gas after about 30 minutes and entered the store about two hours after the tear gas was used. Gulfport Police Chief Adam Cooper said, “We attempted several times to make contact. There was never any response from inside. When we ran into the store, they heard some noises from inside, but he never spoke to us.”

When police finally entered the store, Reynolds was found dead. Witnesses say this is something that has never happened in the area. “That is real scary. I don’t know what’s on his mind.”

“You don’t really see this a lot here. You hear about, but you don’t see it and it really kind of just woke me up, like this is how the world that we live in today, this is what’s actually going on.”

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