First responders partake in train derailment scenarios in training

With two train derailments happening in Ohio just one month apart, first responders across the Mississippi Coast are prepared to take action.

A lot of trains run through the Coast, carrying hazardous materials. If a derailment were to happen, those materials could cause an explosion with damage to property, businesses, environment, and people.

If faced with an incident similar to those in Ohio, the main priority would be to get all citizens away from the derailment and evacuate the immediate area.

When dealing with such a situation, multiple agencies on a local, state, and federal level would be involved. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “The important thing here, once again, is knowing the people that you are dealing with, having a plan of where the resources are. It’s very important to have your hazardous materials team and your plan for evacuation of the citizens of our community that are affected if you have to evacuate. Taking care of the first responders, the people that are responding, it’s very important that we make sure that they are safe and that our people are equipped to handle the incident.”

Multiple training sessions take place each year to keep first responders up to standard and certified.

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