Final approval stage for ‘Envision Diamondhead 2040’

Diamondhead City Council members face a very important vote regarding the city’s future.

Tonight’s vote will determine if the city will officially move forward with the plans for Envision Diamondhead 2040.

After a year in the making, this is the final approval stage for the plans that include future expansions and the renewal of places like the city’s business district and waterfront areas along with other spots. If the vote passes, city leaders can begin work on turning their goals and objectives for the next 20 years into reality.

Mayor Nancy Depreo, who says she is hopeful about tonight’s meeting, is feeling grateful to all the residents and leaders of the community who played a major role in creating the roadmap for ‘Envision Diamondhead 2040.’ “My expectation tonight is to get this plan approved, get the final plan out there and for the council, myself, and the city to roll up our sleeves and get busy. This is an excellent plan and we are ready to move Diamondhead forward. We are growing fast. We are ready for commercial development and our goal is to expand our sales tax revenue.”

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. tonight.