Family seeking justice in Kevin Slater case

Twenty-three years have passed and the family of Kevin Slater is still mourning his death. To help solve this case and bring justice to their loved one, Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers and the family have increased the reward money to $5,000.

Charnique Slater Jones sits flipping through a photo album, reading a poem remembering all the good times she shared with her older brother Kevin Slater. “Anytime he walked into a room, he just had a big ole smile where it just lit up the room.”

On January 13th, 1999, 24-year-old Kevin Slater was found shot to death in his car at the intersection of Tandy Drive and Cora Circle in Gulfport.

Slater was headed to work at the Imperial Place in Biloxi. He worked two jobs as a security officer, including one at what was Dupont in Delisle. “When he died, it took a piece of me and to this day, you know, it’s a void that I have because that was my brother, that was my hero.”

Jones was 19 at the time of her brother’s death and says she will never forget that day she got the news. “It crushed me when Kevin passed away. I was actually at work at the time.”

Slater was a graduate of Harrison Central High School and had just gotten out of the military.

To help solve this cold case, the family and Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers have increased the reward money to $5,000. “Unfortunately, those people took this from us and him and I just really think it’s unfair if they are living their lives and they have children and families they can kiss on. But yet they took that from somebody else’s family.”

Jones says she will continue to fight for her brother until justice is served. “No matter what it takes or how long it takes, I’m going to fight until I receive justice for Kevin.”

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