Families celebrate at reunification ceremony in Bay St. Louis

Honoring National Reunification Month, Hancock County’s Youth Court continues to help families stay together.

In Bay St. Louis, two families share their testimony of struggle and triumph to reunify their family.

With the help and resources of CASA, CPS, drug rehab, and youth court, parents are able to regain custody of their kids.

Hancock County Youth Court Judge Trent Favre tells News 25 that taking a child out of a home is easy, but the dedication and hard work of the parents to get their kids back, that makes reunification celebrations worth it. “We found two really bold parents who weathered the process and did such a good job that really feel comfortable sharing their stories and owning their stories. They did some remarkable work going through our treatment work, maintaining their sobriety, and just blossoming as a family.”

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