FabLab receives ‘Neighbors helping Neighbors’ grant

Students in Jackson County now have access to more technology thanks to a grant the FabLab just received courtesy of Singing River Electric.

The ‘Neighbors helping Neighbors’ community grant is $2,470 in total and was used to purchase 20 modular drones for student use during summer camps and the school year.

Today, kids were out testing the durable drones and learning design techniques, coding, and programming skills with their summer camp leaders, giving them a hands-on way of learning about the technology.

FabLab Manager Scott Beebe says these funds will go a long way in helping local students broaden their learning horizons.  “These modular drones when they crash, they just break apart and they put back together like Lego pieces, and the kids can then still use them, learn what they did incorrectly, fix that, adjust it, and learn how to fly a drone.”

Amanda Parker with Singing River Electric said, “We belong to the communities we serve, so it’s important for us to give back and seeing these drones in action is the most rewarding part of the grant program.”

The FabLab is hosting summer camps for kids this summer in multiple locations throughout Jackson and Harrison counties.