F.E.T.C.H Dog Park in Long Beach finished phase two of construction

F.E.T.C.H. Dog Park in Long Beach installed a new shade structure and added lights for pets and their owners to enjoy.

In 2019, phase one was completed which included all the fencing, concrete work, and benches to get the park open to the public.

After waiting a year for permits due to weather challenges, Tuesday phase two was complete, which includes the new shade structure and lighting installed with the help of Mississippi Power.

The shade installation took five hours to complete. By noon, the park was reopened to the public with shade to enjoy.  Long Beach Parks and Recreation Director Robert J. Paul Jr. said, “Today, we finished the shade structure and hopefully get to use it, along with the lights. The lights were a great addition. In the winter months, when it gets dark early, there’s lot of people that get home when it’s dark. So, with the installation of the lights, people can come out and use it 24/7.”

Long Beach Parks and Recreation thanks the volunteers for their hard work to make this happen.

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