Elite Health Care opens on Courthouse Road in Gulfport

A protégé of Dr. Donna Alexander, a popular Gulfport gynecologist, continues her tradition in medicine after her passing earlier this year.

Dr. Alexander died in February and now her nurse practitioner, Crystal Heathington, has reopened South Mississippi OBGYN as Elite Health Care.

With the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce’s support, Heathington opened her clinic in the same space Dr. Alexander once practiced. Heathington is expanding the services into family medicine.

The Jackson County resident said that during her time working with Dr. Alexander, she formed strong relationships with her patients and that’s why she stayed. “She taught me a lot of things, so I do continue to do a lot of the things she taught me, a lot of the roles and the specific ways we care for our patients. So as far as in remembrance of her, I chose to continue with the OB and the GYN, as well as some of the techniques that makes us so special from others to take care of our patients.”

Elite Clinic is now open from 8 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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