Eleven kids find forever homes at Jackson County Mass Adoption Day

Eleven children will get to experience Christmas with their forever families for the first time.

A merry day at the Jackson County Courthouse as 11 children enjoyed an early Christmas present, they were granted their forever families through adoption. This ceremony was extra special to Judge Neil Harris because he gained his sixth grandchild through adoption. “We’re making life changes and since I’ve had adoption in my family and have gotten a grandchild, then it is personal to me and I know how personal it is to these families. Most importantly, today we had a Christmas miracle.”

This mass adoption ceremony is a part of the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services campaign of ‘Home for the Holidays.’ CPS hopes to finalize 250 kid adoptions from mid-October to the end of January and 129 kids have been adopted since last Sunday.

Behind these doors people are finally receiving the long-awaited approval of adding these children to their families forever. The Parker family tells News 25 what this life changing day means to them. “Izzy was actually our very first foster placement after getting our license and she’s been with us a little over a year now, and we got termination rights about a month and a half ago, and we have been waiting for this day ever since so we are very excited.”

“A big ole weight is just off our chests just knowing that she’s ours forever now and nobody can take her away from us now, so it’s just a very awesome and amazing feeling.”

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