EC Angel Rocks helping keep loved one’s memories alive

After a year of grief, the East Central community has found a way to bring back some joy: EC Angel Rocks.

Karragen Cochran, Chloe Taylor, Baleigh Bowlin, Sawyer Magee: these are only a few names of the lives lost in the East Central community.

It felt like there was no time to mourn before moving onto the next. This thought alone was starting to drive Annette Meek insane. Meek painted a rock with the intention of keeping each person in people’s memories forever. Now, she’s painted over 400 rocks to hide around Hurley. “It’s turned into something so much bigger than I ever thought that it would, but I believe that is because it was needed more than I ever thought that it was.”

Meek began EC Angel Rocks as a way to deal with her own grief after two-year-old Brantley Hinton drowned and eighth grader Sawyer Magee committed suicide. She carried Sawyer’s rock in her pocket. She said it felt like he was holding her hand. She eventually gave that rock to Sawyer’s parents who said the same thing. Robert Magee said, “We struggle with the idea to move forward. We thought, sometimes still do, that the more forward we moved the further we were moving away from him. You know, and to carry a rock like this, around with me, something as simple as it is: I know that he is here with me.”

The actual rocks aren’t what keeps loved ones memories alive, it’s the care people take in getting to know the angel on the rock before rehiding.

Hiding a rock is just as important as finding a rock. At this point, people can learn more about the angel they’ve found and place them in a place they would have loved.

EC Angel Rocks means no one is forgotten. Every day people are finding new rocks, learning about them, and placing them somewhere new.

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