Dr. Christopher Bennett Memorial Back to School Fair

As residents begin preparing students for school, there was no better way to celebrate than visiting the fourth annual Dr. Christopher Bennett Memorial Back to School Giveaway and Health Fair.

The fair began in 2016 to honor the legacy of event organizer Dr. Kinyatta Bennett’s late husband Dr. Christopher Bennett and his work in the Harrison County School District.

This year’s event and giveaway showcased a variety of necessities such as school supplies, groceries, COVID-19 vaccinations and more.

The fair also offered many fun activities such as bounce houses, ATV rides, and animal shows from the aquarium. Dr. Kinyatta Bennett said, “So far, we’ve probably given away over 500 backpacks. So, we’ve had a constant flow of children coming through. We’ve been able to help a lot of people in the community and that’s what this event is all about. Every year we want to get bigger and better. We started out doing it at our office on Three Rivers Road and now we’ve progressed to where we are at the community center.”

Dr. Bennett hopes to continue the health fair and help even more families as the years continue.

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