Down trees at Biloxi VA Medical Center

At the Biloxi VA Medical Center, crews are working to clear debris from several down trees.

Driving down Veterans Avenue, tree limbs and debris covered the roads. However, crews stood by to clean up and clear the roads after severe weather passed.

There are no reported injuries at this time and no confirmation that a tornado was the cause of damage.

According to VA Public Affairs Shaun Shenk, there is no need to reschedule any patient appointments. The VA Medical Center will be open tomorrow. “The clean up could take another day or two, depending on the assessment that we’re doing right now. But the key thing that we want to do is make sure that the roads were clear so that patients tomorrow can come get their appointments. So, the key message that we want to get out is that if you have an appointment tomorrow come to the VA. We’re here to take care of you.”

The VA executive leadership team, VA police, and engineers responded to clean up roads as soon as the weather cleared the area.

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