Domestic shooting leads to seven-hour standoff in Jackson County

One woman was shot this morning in Jackson County and a tense seven-hour standoff took place after the shooting.

Police were called to a home on Brookestone Drive in St. Martin shortly after 7 a.m. They found 43-year-old Michelle Coleman suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

A domestic argument started which escalated to multiple shots fired. After shooting Coleman, the man then barricaded himself in the home. Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “We take this very seriously. We try to always end these things as peaceful as possible.”

Coleman was a retired military veteran who had just celebrated her 43rd birthday on Monday. Her family did not want to be on camera, but tell News 25 she had recently filed a restraining order on the man and that this was not the first domestic incident that happened at the home. “She just got over a broken rib. She got to keep going through this abuse when she ain’t got no help.”

Two of Coleman’s children were at the home when the shooting happened, but safely made it out. “These are young kids. They were scared to death.”

The man was given a phone so that deputies could talk with him. Residents in the neighborhood say things like this never happen. Neighborhood resident Kenneth Dukes said, “It doesn’t deter us any in any type of way. We still love the neighborhood. We still love our neighbors, but situations happen and with this neighborhood, with the people we have, they will bounce back. We will be okay.”

Coleman was transported to Ocean Springs Hospital and then life-flighted to USA Hospital in Mobile. “The bullet hit her chest, traveled through her chest, but it skipped her heart. So, she is blessed. She is strong.”

Coleman’s family wants people to understand domestic violence is not okay. “It will help the next person going through this situation, maybe they will do more about it.”

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