Docking facility and Point Cadet Marina under construction in Biloxi

In Biloxi, a commercial docking facility and Point Cadet Marina are undergoing construction.

This 90-day project will replace concrete, electrical panels, and pedestals that went under water during Hurricane Zeta in 2020.

The commercial dock located behind the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino will be closed until repairs are completed.

At Point Cadet Marina, an additional two dozen floating docks will be added.

Expect construction noise for the next three months due to dredging and installing concrete docks. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Specialist John Majure said, “We’re doing some much-needed upgrades as well as bringing it up to date for the future. So, it will probably withstand storms a little bit better next time. Every day’s a day to be out on the sea so they’re out there working anyway so they make do. So of course they are ready to get back into their port and we’re ready have them back over here but when they come back it’ll be very much an improvement that I’m sure everyone is looking forward to.”

The shrimp boats at the commercial facility are temporarily relocated to Point Cadet Marina.

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