Dive team found 18-year-old in pond in Kiln Sunday

A day of swimming and hanging out took a tragic turn yesterday after 18-year-old Aydin Stalling drowned in a dirt pond in the Kiln.

According to Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam, a group of friends entered private property around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

The group swam to an island in the middle of the water, however, one friend never made it. In a rural, back road area with no lifeguards or safety flotation devices things can get dangerous quickly.

Search and dive teams searched for Stalling for four to five hours before locating his body in the water. “When I got there the family was there already. It’s just heartbreaking. With kids of my own and to see this mother just absolutely heartbroken. It’s terrible. You’ve got to be careful, avoid putting yourselves in those situations. It can turn deadly in a heartbeat and it ruins everybody’s lives for the rest of their lives.”

Sheriff Adam tells News 25 there is no foul play in this case and no reason to think this was anything more than a tragic accident.

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