Diamondhead resident awarded Mississippi Hero plaque

Mississippi Heroes awarded Peter Yanez for his personal mission to assist older residents of Diamondhead and anyone else in need.

Yanez is recently retired from the shipbuilding industry after dealing with serious medical issues. Now he spends his time helping those around the neighborhood with anything from minor household repairs, lawn care, rides to places, and more.

Instead of reaching out to community agencies for help, residents feel much more comfortable being with Yanez. Residents say he is friendly and makes them feel comfortable and secure with his friendly demeanor and contagious smile. “I always said when I retire, I’m going to start helping people and do things and stuff. Even if it is like a guy standing on the side of the road that needs a ride. It’s what I do. I don’t do it for recognition though. I’m getting it now and it’s very, very humbling.”

Today is also Yanez’s birthday and he will end his night eating chargrilled oysters with his wife.

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