Class Act Teacher of the Month: Gulfport’s Dave Huffman

We’re switching gears for this month’s Class Act.

After months of highlighting amazing and inspiring middle and elementary school teachers in South Mississippi, it’s time to go to high school, specifically Gulfport High.

This time, we’re not taking you to any ordinary classroom, but a construction shop.

Our Class Act this month uses the lessons he learned during his service in the Air Force to inspire and mold the next generation of students who come through his shop at Gulfport High. “Training up these young men and women to go out there and replace us old-timers in the workforce, and take it to the next level.”

Dave Huffman has been teaching construction technology at Gulfport High for 11 years now with the goal of helping kids do good work with their hands. “I think once they get in here and they learn to use the tools and stuff like that, there’s a lot of, they’ll encounter problems and obstacles, and they’ll have to learn how to overcome those. So, you know, real world problem solving type things, and then being able to take what they’ve learned and apply it to other things.”

As a past recipient of Hancock Whitney’s Leo Seal Award and a second-place finalist in Harbor Freight’s Tools for Schools grant, Mr. Huffman is no stranger to accolades and is humbled by the recognition. “I thank my wife for nominating me. She really is proud of what I do, and she sees the connections I have with the kids, and she supports me 100 percent.”

It’s those lasting connections with students past and present that Huffman says makes it all worthwhile. “There’s always those days where you feel like you’re just….am I doing the right thing? And then a young man or woman will reach out to you that’s graduated and say, you know, thanks for this, and it just kind of makes it all worth it.”

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