Cruisin’ the Coast Sock Hop

The City of Ocean Springs took people back in time with their annual Sock Hop and Street Party to celebrate Cruisin’ the Coast.

The Chamber of Commerce parking lot was packed with people enjoying food, live music, and cars. Cruisers were seen rocking poodle skirts and biker jackets Cruisin’ through downtown Ocean Springs.

Cruisers also had the chance to win a cash prize in the popular Chick’s Picks Car contest. Ocean Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cynthia Dobbs Sutton said, “It means so much to the Ocean Springs economy to help our businesses sustain and we actually get them on Friday from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. So, it’s a really cool venue to get more than 1,000 cars here in downtown all day and all night.”

Ocean Springs will have Cruisin’ the Coast events going on all weekend.

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