Crews clean up fuel spill at Naval Construction Battalion Center

The Naval Construction Battalion Center’s public works department and environmental teams spent the day cleaning up a fuel spill that occurred overnight.

According to officials, a refrigerator truck parked by warehouses near the 28th Street fence line ruptured a fuel line and spilled up to 80 gallons of diesel fuel.

The spill was reported around 7:30 this morning and responders immediately began working to contain it.

The fuel ran into a drainage ditch on base and was contained using booms and absorbent pads. Gulfport Public Affairs Officer Brian Lamar said, “The ruptured fuel line that caused the spill was less than 80 gallons that spilled out and there’s no indicators that it spilled off the base or into a waterway that people are using.”

NCBC is conducting a scheduled annual operational larger-scale fuel spill exercise July 21st.

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