Crawfish sales are starting to increase at local businesses

Even though crawfish season started in November, most restaurants like Taranto’s are starting to see a rise in sales on crawfish this month.

The restaurant is busiest during crawfish season, the end of January and February, and prepares for crawfish season by buying as many sacks a day as possible, ranging from five to 15 sacks.

After buying the sacks, the cook picks through the crawfish to make sure there are no dead mudbugs.

Then they have them purged in a tank for 15 minutes or more, depending on how dirty they are, before boiling them with their secret spices. Taranto’s Manager Kyle Taranto said, “You know, it goes back to my grandfather and his brothers. They were doing this 30-40 years ago. It’s been years and decades of testing it and seeing what people like. My dad said if you love them, they will love it. Just cook good food and people will love it.”

Right now, the restaurant is selling a pound starting at $6.99. When you buy ten pounds or more, the price gets cheaper.

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