Construction begins on apartments after demolition finished on Barq’s Building

The Barq’s Building in Downtown Biloxi is coming together.

The project finally finished demolition and is moving forward with the residential apartments on the second flood.

JDLE Demolition was able to leave the original flooring, brick walls, and beaming on display to keep the original charm of the building.

The bottom floor will feature old wallpaper and graffiti found in the building during demolition and will host entertainment alongside unique restaurants.

Co-owner Lee Young is excited about what they’ve been able to accomplish so far. “To see a building stripped back to what it was originally is always a joy to me. And to see it come back to life like it wants to live again. And just to see the care and the architecture and the labor that went into making these buildings originally, from the mortar work to the structural part of it with the beams and everything like that.”

JDLE is hoping to start taking applications for the first 13 rooms around April or May and the public floor will be open by the end of the year.

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